Since 1873, Kohler Co. has established itself as a global leader in bathroom products - providing total design solutions that strike a perfect balance between form and function.

KOHLER® products are designed for refined living. They spring from a deep spirit of creativity and from a commitment to combining elegant and bold forms with outstanding quality. Kohler’s unique strength is its belief in the importance of design and artistry, an ethos which expresses itself in the outstanding diversity, beauty and originality.

The Roots of Great Design

Great design grows from diverse roots – creativity, experience, dedication and innovation all play a part. Kohler’s design teams draw on more than a century of experience, finding inspiration in the world of art and pioneering new concepts to ensure our customers continue to enjoy the finest in kitchen and bathroom design.

KOHLER® product ranges reflect an exciting palette of creative influences; from the delicate details of classical style to the minimalist silhouettes of cutting-edge contemporary design. Kohler has it all.

Inspiration in Motion

Kohler never stands still. Kohler’s is a story of continual progress, improvement and development. Four Kohler Design Centers around the world showcase the best of Kohler, featuring state-of-the-art products and impressive examples of the company’s contributions to kitchen and bathroom design. The winner of a number of design awards, Kohler is continually reinforcing its position as a market leader.

The Pillars of Design

Three pillars of understanding feed Kohler’s creative cycle: design research, market research and technological research and development. Our design process always focuses on gaining insight into the real needs of consumers while looking at changes in the environment, society and economy that shape our future. KOHLER® products are designed to meet the needs of today and of tomorrow while remaining powerful creative expressions of both art and elegance.

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