Meet Andres Luer Interior Designer, China

Andres Luer, 36, was drawn to design because it allowed him to have a strong impact on the lives of others and his own.

It was 2001, when he got onto a plane, heading to Europe in pursuit of his passion in design. During the course of his 10 years in Italy and Germany, he learnt from the best mentors and all they had to teach. In recent years, he felt the need to impact lives further. He now resides in Asia focusing on tropical and subtropical structure and methods of construction, such as bamboo structures that need to withstand the strongest typhoons.

He hopes being on The Apartment will allow him to spread his message of sustainable design and hopes to bring change to the world of design!

Find out more about this designer on social media with #TAAndres and #TheApartmentTV. Visit or @TheApartmentTV on Facebook and Twitter for more information.


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